The new map we are working on is going to be called "Surf Island" this map will be some what similar to a map called "Breeze Island" but to a larger scale with more islands that include traps, and secret team work puzzles to find. The map will have an amazing tropical feel with many palm trees, bridges and will look amazing during the sunset. -2/15/15 

Update to "Christmas 2014" More chests and map expansion. -1/23/15

We are working on a map that is unique and has no relation to any of the maps we have made so far. Let's just say it's ganna be hot and wet! -1/7/15

Christmas Hunger Games Trailer is now up on YouTube! -12/25/14

Update for "Floating Island Adventure" much more islands, makeing it harder to fall off the map. -12/17/14

Get ready for an upcoming Hunger Games Map for this holiday season! -11/21/14

Update for "Village Kingdom"  map expansion more NPC houses. -10/17/14 

GIANT update to "Hunger Games Cruise 2014" which includes new chests, more rooms, complete top make over, secret puzzles, and lighting improvements. -8/3/14