How to make Hunger Game Maps

There are lots of steps in building a minecraft hunger game map, but believe it or not most of those steps take not a long time to do at all. And some steps don't even require you to even play the game! And others take a long time which for most people is what makes them fall behind and give up on their creation. But once you finish your map masterpiece playing with your friends or the general public feels amazing especially because YOU are the one that made it!

Where to start?

Well, you first need to come up with an idea of a map, anything can work! It doesn't even have to be something in real life. Once you come up with an idea, plan out the major structures of the map. In order to do so all you need to do is close your eyes and use your imagination, to figure out what and how you will make this creation of yours possible. Think about what blocks you will use, and think about the background and landscape. Its nice to have a structure like a skyscraper but its no fun without a background to go with it. For an example a pyramid with a background of sand and cactuses. Adding a proper background to your map not only looks great but also helps makes your map look more professional.

Where to start Building/How to Build?

Once you got the first few steps down and you know what you want to make and how your going to make it, jump into a minecraft world and fly up into the air and look down at your terrain. Then start with the base/outline of the structure/structures that you will be making in your map. Don't know what I mean? Well think of a city and you are looking down at it in a birds eye view. You then will be able to see outlines of the buildings, that's what you want to make an outline of your structures. Having this made you can get a perspective and placement in your map. But if you aren't making buildings or structures (like we did in our floating island map) then think of the terrain. Or if you are making one master structure (like in our cruise liner map) then start from the base up, making the floors/layers.

How to NOT give up?

As I mentioned in the intro a lot of people can fall behind in making a map. Because they either are not making the map the way they thought they were going to, or it's taking a long time. But what you need to know is that a hunger games map does not take one or two days to build. Depending on what you are making and how much help you have judges the time. But if you are having problems with structures and buildings not looking the way they are in your head then that's a different problem. What you need to do is look up a similar object you are trying to build on the internet (real life creations, not Minecraft) and model the parts you are having difficulty on off that. That's what we did in the castle of the map "Village Kingdom". We looked up many different real life castles off the internet and combined them to make one. I used at least ten different castles from all over the world to make the entrance, the thrown room, and even the stair cases. Over all don't let thinking about how long the map will take to build let you down, just think about all of the outcomes the map will bring to you when your finished. Good Luck, and happy building!