Hello GameCrasher here, and this is my YouTube channel website! In this website you can view images, news, and upcoming maps for my Minecraft hunger games server!

YouTube Channel Link
YouTube Channel Link

My YouTube channel is mainly about building minecraft Hunger Game maps for the xbox 360 and xbox one. But if you visit my channel you will also find gameplays, montages, and other videos off topic of Minecraft Hunger games. But don't think that we stopped making maps because a few gameplays were uploaded. Minecraft hunger game maps don't take a few days or weeks they can take months depending on the project.

Me and the team are building maps all the time and as you read this we are most likely making one or coming up with ideas! But there is one thing you have to realize. All of the maps that we make are on super flat worlds, yet as you play you don't even notice. Because of all the structure and landscape designs that we include in our maps.

If YOU want to know how we make our maps and or want to know how YOU can make your own go to the "How we make maps" tab up above.